Pen and ink illustrators begin with pencil sketches. In history, pen and ink drawings have been the most varied. Tattooing, calligraphy, and traditional drawing are all examples of Alcohol ink painting techniques. Ink drawing is a popular medium for illustrations in books, advertisements, comics, cartoons and other content. The use of different techniques brings artists together. Pen and Ink, on the other hand, is considered as one of the most mobile art forms.

The UK Illustrator’s Materials

A UK Illustrator, armed with a pen and paper as well as his creative talents and techniques is ready to create a unique work of art which will cost him millions once it’s completed.


You can draw with different types of pens. They include ballpoint, fountain, and nib dip pens. The line quality of each pen is different. Depending on an artist’s style and personal taste, as well as the kind of illustration he wants to create, he will choose the appropriate thickness and fluidity. Many artists keep a selection of different nib sizes on hand so they can fill in spaces with the thicker, larger nibs and use the smaller ones for finer details. Artists who prefer working with ink of only one color can create a work of two colours, including the ink and the paper colour.


There are many types of paper available for artists, such as paper for sketching or for painting. The experts consider that watercolour papers are the best choice for pen and pencil art because they can be used to add watercolour washes onto the drawing. Others use an illustration board or printing paper. The pen and ink look great also on Japanese paper, Japanese handmade paper, Japanese papyrus paper, Japanese bark paper or Japanese paper. This is to say that art can be done on any kind of paper and then preserved using archival spray.

UK pen and Ink Illustrators keep pencils handy in addition to pen and paper because mistakes can’t be corrected with a pen. For any mistakes, a no dust eraser can be used to erase them with ease when using pencils. There are also other supplies that can be used, such as rulers for drawing straight lines and templates to ensure the right dimensions. A sealant spray will protect the drawing by waterproofing it.

Techniques of Pencil Art

While it is common to use pencils to color, using a pen to do so requires more skills. Pencils allow you to apply different pressures to your pencil to produce light or darker shades. When using a pens, pressure is not an option. It is possible to achieve pencil shading by using a variety of techniques.

* Hatching – A row of straight lines is drawn all in one direction. The lines will be denser in areas where the area must look darker.

* Crosshatching- similar to the hatching but done both in directions, resulting in a cross-hatched effect

* Contour-hatching is when the colouring of a drawing follows contours and shapes.

Use of tiny scribbly marks for shading

The shading is done with dots.

These techniques are used by the pen and ink artist in UK to create beautiful, unique works of artwork. He also adds his own personal style. Pen and ink has long been the preferred form of illustration for authors and publishers.

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