You may have noticed that your chair loses a screw each day. Or, you might be beginning to feel the effects of spending hours sitting on an old chair. It doesn’t matter why you want to change your chair. Finding good deals on office furniture is an excellent idea.

You can buy a new ergonomic chair in two auspicious seasons. In late April, and in November. Here are the reasons why you should book your seat in office during these months.

For one simple reason, demand for furniture for offices is high in April: it’s Tax Day. The end of fiscal year is the turning point for many companies. They will likely invest in furniture now to reduce their earnings. The cost of buying chairs may increase, but it will allow the business to reduce their tax burden. About this time, many businesses also start. They will also be purchasing in bulk. Due to the surge in popularity, prices temporarily increase. This is followed by the crash of demand and a price drop at the end of April. You should check prices for an office chair in the spring.

You should also consider how long you can wait before making a decision. For any desk-based business, a quality office chair is a must. It is imperative that you replace your seat immediately if it is damaged or unfit for use to such an extent that your productivity or health is in danger. If you don’t have an urgent need, then it is not worth your time to search for the lowest price. The best office chairs will still cost more than the least expensive one.

Start planning early to save money on the next office chair you purchase. Research the different options and compare prices before you buy a new chair. Wait patiently until a good deal comes along. You can save money over the long-term by planning carefully and being deliberate.

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