What is the difference between office carpet and other types of carpet? Carpeting in offices tends to be similar to that we use at home. It’s only the extra durability makes it different. A typical interior designer would choose a carpet that was practical for the office, that didn’t need much attention but would be easy to clean. ChemDry carpet cleaning before and after has the expertise to clean all types of carpet fibres.

How can you tell what type of carpets need cleaning in the office? Wool has been a popular carpet fiber for centuries. This fibre is known to have a beautiful texture with a wide range of colour options. The carpet fibre would likely not be chosen for most commercial environments, due to its poor durability. ChemDry’s business cleaning services probably come across a lot carpets that are synthetic, because these fibres are easy to care for and are very durable.

In terms of carpet cleaning in offices, loop pile carpeting with low density is very popular, as they are often used for high traffic areas, like in medical or school buildings. As this type of carpet does not mat, become crushed or uneven, it is suitable for use by wheelchairs. The carpet is easy for office cleaning services to clean. In contrast to woven carpets that are woven, tufted ones have been stitched. They also feature a backing which keeps the tufts in place. The pile on woven carpets is not as high as looped styles but still a bit higher. In hotels and airport lounges, loomed carpets last for ten years. Installing this kind of carpeting, it is intended to not require a great deal of cleaning. Instead, they are meant to only need light maintenance using a vacuum.

It may not be necessary to do as much office carpet cleaning when you choose nylon carpet for your commercial building. Nylon is a durable carpet that looks nice and can withstand areas where it may get muddy and wet, for example in a school hallway after recess on a drizzly day. About 65% all carpets contain nylon. That’s a testament to its reputation for being durable. But even nylon can’t be resistant to dirt and stains. That is why commercial carpet cleaning adds a protective layer on top of the restored carpet.

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